Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite

A set of benchmarks that are designed to test the performance of deeply embedded systems


BEEBS was developed as part of the MAGEEC project, when it was discovered that no suitable benchmark suite existed for exploring the relative energy consumptions of embedded systems.

Embedded systems exhibit a wide variety of ISAs, programming paradigms and selections of single- or super-scalar execution, inclusion or lack of floating-point support, and simple or complex memory hierarchies.

BEEBS is explicity designed to support as wide a range of embedded systems as possible, whilst allowing the efficient exploration of their energy efficiency. Since the benchmarks are designed to test the performance of deeply embedded systems they assume the presence of no OS and in particular no output stream.

There is a paper describing the benchmarks and reasoning behind the choice of benchmarks: BEEBS: Open Benchmarks for Energy Measurements on Embedded Platforms.


The following targets are currently supported:

Compiling for one these boards will produce executables for that board, which toggle a specific pin at the beginning and end of the benchmark. This allows them to be easily hooked up to other tools for time and energy measurements.

Getting BEEBS

You can download a ZIP or TAR archive by clicking on one of the above links.

To get the source code using git:

$ git clone

See the README file for building instructions and notes.


Questions and feedback should be directed to the MAGEEC mailing list


Contributions may be made via GitHub Pull Requests and issues should be logged to the GitHub Issue Tracker.


BEEBS is developed by: